Treating Hemorrhoids – What Not to Do

Hemorrhoids - Prolonged SittingIf you suffer with hemorrhoids, there are many things you can do to relieve pain and stress.

However, there are some things that can make your condition worse and prolong the healing process!

If you suffer from hemorrhoids these are some of the things you should try to avoid:

Avoid Prolonged Sitting

You may have heard the old wive’s tale, that sitting on a cold step can give you hemorrhoids? There is however some truth in this. Sitting for prolonged periods of time on hard surfaces should be avoided especially if you suffer from outbreaks of hemorrhoids. The pressure from the hard surface can cause hemorrhoids to flare up. There are inflatable pillow rings available that are specifically designed for people suffering from hemorrhoids. These pillows tend to look like mini rubber rings.

Avoid spicy foods

Spicy foods are very enjoyable to eat, but not enjoyable once they have been passed through your body and exit by way of a bowl movement. Spicy meals can cause additional irritation to your hemorrhoids which can cause them to sting.

Don’t Scratch

Should your hemorrhoids be itchy it is advisable not to scratch them. The only thing scrating will do is make them worse and itch more. They may be itchy because the area is not clean. Therefore, the solution would be to clean the infected area, either by using a tub bath, or medicated wipes. Cleaning the area will hopefully stop or reduce the itching. Icepacks can also help take away any itching by numbing the area.

Avoid Straining

Hemorrhoids - Straining on the ToiletStraining when on the toilet is one of the primary causes of hemorrhoids. Hence, straining whilst suffering from hemorrhoids will only make the condition worse. If you find you are straining more often, or are suffering from harder stools, it would be a good idea to try a stool softener or a laxative. A More natural way of softening stools is to consume foods rich in fibre and drink lots of water which will help waste pass through your system with more ease. You may also find that lubricating the surrounding area of you anus may help. Try placing a small amount of petroleum jelly within and surrounding the hemorrhoid area to help the stool exit your body a little easier.

Increase Fluids

Both caffeine and alcohol act as diuretics and drain the body of fluids and makes it more difficult for waste to pass through the body. Caffeine and alcohol should therefore be avoided if you are suffering from hemorrhoids, especially if your hemorrhoids are in an active state. Whilst a lot of us may find this difficult, it may be easier to limit our consumption of caffeine and alcohol and to increase our intake of water whilst suffering from hemorrhoids.

Wash Your Hands

Never touch the area with unwashed hands because you may mistakenly infect the hemorrhoid with bacteria. An infected hemorrhoid is very difficult to heal.

Hemorrhoid Supplements

By following some of the above advice it is possible to dramatically alleviate or in some cases eliminate Hemorrhoids completely. Using natural remedies and techniques, is always a good way to start.

Natural Supplements, can also help.

If symptons get very bad though, it is always advisable to speak to a Doctor, even if you do use the above techniques.

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