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At last, technology, diet plans and dieting clubs have come together to produce a revolutionary new dieting concept – a diet website designed around you, for you, to get you into the shape you want to be.

What Is It?

It’s call Fitium ( and it’s a personalized website designed specifically to help you lose weight. The key is “personalized”. You will get a tailored diet plan, weekly coaching, an on-line dashboard monitor to track your progress, a food diary and ongoing support from dieting experts. All this from as little as 27p a day.

Isn’t this like Weight Watchers?

No, it’s very different. Although not the most important aspect, but Weight Watchers costs 40p a day and there is an almost £30.00 Sign-up Fee. But, when you’re talking about health and good diet plans, 13p a day difference isn’t that much. However, the bigger difference is in the diet and the support.

It’s Just Weight Watchers by a Different name?


Not in the slightest! Weight Watchers is very much about watching your weight. From the start it has a negative aspect. It’s very name makes you concentrate on your ‘Weight’ and ‘Watching’ it.

The last thing you need, when you’re dieting and trying to lose the pounds is to be reminded constantly about how much ‘Weight’ you have!


Fitium on the other hand has a very positive holistic thought process. It makes you think positively. It makes you think about being ‘Fit’ and healthy.

So, Do I Need to Count Calories?

No. “Weight Watchers” is actually hard work. You need to weigh everything you eat. You need to know what goes into everything you eat. You need to sort out the portion sizes, keep accurate records, do lots of adding up.

Weight Watchers is totally about calorie counting. And there is a lot more to dieting than counting calories. Also, different food calories produce different results in the body, so not all calories are the same.

Weight Watchers counteracts this with what it calls its ProPoints plan – but it’s still more calorie counting.

Personalized Diet Plan

What Fitium do is that they do the hard work for you. You tell them what you want. Whether that is to lose weight, maintain a balanced lifestyle or get the right nutrition to support your workout. They then design a diet of meals around you – to suit your lifestyle. So any calorie counting occurs behind the scenes.

All you need to do is enjoy the tasty meals and record you progress.

Food Diary

Your meals also get recorded in a food diary to help you keep track of what you’re eating and how your diet plan is progressing. And if you do decide to indulge – no problem. Just add what you eat or drink to the diary and Fitium will sort it out for you. No guilt, just a well maintained plan.

Personlized Trainer, Nutritionist and Doctor

Fitium’s goal is to give you the diet and healthy lifestyle of the professionals without the professional prices. You’ve seen all the health and makeover programs on the television.

With the right advice, support and professional knowledge you can lose weight.

You’ve seen people do it on the television. They lose weight. It’s not impossible, or a dream, it is a reality and Fitium is designed to do just that.

So is it Expensive?

Not one bit! As you’d have read above Fitium costs from just 27p a day! Also, there are no joining fees, and unlike Gym memberships no 3 months get out notice! In fact, you can try Fitium out for 30 days, and if you really don’t like it, they will refund all you money.

Fitium have a 30 Day, No Fuss, Money back Guarantee!

So what are you waiting for?

What Do You Get?

  • Fitium Online Weight Loss Membership Program
  • Lose weight naturally (no gimmicks or diet foods required)
  • Personalised plan designed to maximise weight loss
  • Designed by a doctor, nutritionist and personal trainer
  • Target the real reasons for weight gain
  • Designed for both women and men
  • Endorsed by doctors and personal trainers
  • Based on the latest cutting edge nutrition research
  • Can be combined with supplements for faster results!

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  • Hannah December 30, 2012, 9:10 pm

    Joined Fitium a couple of months ago. I had belonged to Weight Watchers for over 3 years, and did lose a little weight, but never felt I was doing the right thing. I think it worked because I belonged to the club, but not for any other reason. So, when myy membership expired I joined Fitium. Only been 2 months, but they’re so much more modern and refreshing than Weight Watchers. Difficult to explain fully, but already I’m losing weight. I feel really good and exicited by the whole thing. Can’t say more really.

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