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Carb Blocker

Evolution Slimming Carb Blocker is a simple but effective way to help you reduce your calorie intake without cutting back on the food you love.

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To understand how effective Carb Blocker is, first you need to understand how the food you eat affects you.

Types of Food

All the different types of food that humans consume can be divided into 3 different types. These are:

  1. Carbohydrates
  2. Proteins
  3. Fat

Depending on how much of each food type you consume will have an effect on the amount of weight you put on.


Everyone knows that all food contains calories and the most calorific of the food types is fat. It doesn’t then take much guesswork to put 2 & 2 together to arrive at the conclusion that fat, ounce by ounce, is going to add on the pounds. But, as with many assumptions and guesswork, this is not the case.

How the body processes these 3 food types needs to be included in the equation. And the facts are really interesting.


The body needs a little protein each day to repair old cells and muscles. Any excess protein that the body consumes is removed as waste. A very high protein diet is bad for the body as it will put stress on the liver as the liver tries to remove the surplus.


The body needs fat. Especially saturated fat (the type mostly provided by animals). Humans, like animals are made up of lots of saturated fat. 80% of the brain (after the water is removed) is fat. All cells in the body need fat in the outer cell membrane. Without fat, we would die. However, any surplus fat we eat is not stored in the body, but like protein, is removed as waste.


The body ironically doesn’t need carbohydrates (well almost). If you’re living on a fat and protein diet then the food you’re consuming will also contain a few carbohydrates. This is enough for the body. We need a small amount of carbohydrates, that’s all.

However, we consume carbs in their thousands – sugar, honey, pasta, rice, bread, potatoes, cereals and all the products made up of these things. Pizza and chips with a coke is almost entirely carbohydrates. Think about it. A whole meal in which the main food type is the one your body doesn’t actually need!

So, what does your body do with it? Unlike proteins and fat your body does not remove carbohydrates as waste.

Carbohydrates Make You Fat!

The carbohydrates you consume get turned into glucose which is then transported in the blood to supply energy for all your body’s cells. Surprisingly, too much glucose in your blood will kill you! It’s effectively a poison. However, your body has evolved a simple system to regulate and remove the excess glucose.

As the glucose level in your blood rises your pancreas produces insulin which is released into the blood. This then removes the glucose from your blood and stores it in fat cells in the body. A side effect of the insulin in the blood is that it makes you feel hungry (unlike fat which makes you feel full). So, you eat more carbs to fill the ‘hunger’ gap that you’ve created.

So, a low fat, high carb diet will make you fat! This is why over the past few decades obesity has been on the rise because we’re all told to eat less fat and more ‘healthy’ carbs (think bread, cereals, pasta, rice, etc.)

How to Eat Carbs and Not Get Fat

However, there is a way you can lose weight by eating carbs and that’s by using a Carb Blocker. There are many carb blockers on the market. Some are prescription only, and others are ‘herbal’ supplements.  Prescription carb blockers, although regulated by the FDA, can contain various pharmaceutical chemicals which might produce side effects.

However, some ‘herbal’ supplements might contain unlisted ingredients which can have a negative, even dangerous effect on people.

Carb Blocker with Vitamin C

There is one Carb Blocker however, that contains no hidden ingredients, and that’s Evolution Slimming’s own Carb Blocker with Vitamin C. This contains White Kidney Bean Extract, the active ingredient which is responsible for inhibiting the starch-digesting enzyme amylase.

Inhibiting Amylase Production Stops You Getting Fat

Amylase converts starch carbohydrates (such as french fries, baked potatoes, breads, pasta, rice, cookies and cakes) into simpler sugars. These simple sugars can then be converted into glucose which ultimately ends up in the body’s fat cells. By inhibiting amylase production it means that the starch is not converted into sugar and instead is passed through the body as waste.

White kidney beans have been shown to inhibit amylase by up to 33%.

So, by taking a single Carb Blocker capsule 10-30 minutes before a carbohydrate rich meal will mean that up to a third of the starches in the meal might not get converted into glucose … then fat.

First Steps to a Healthy Diet

Also, by trying to reduce the carbohydrates in the diet and replace them more with naturally occurring fats and proteins Evolution Slimming’s Carb Blocker will help you with the first steps towards weight loss and a healthier you.

More Information

Detailed information about Carb Blockercan be found on Evolution Slimming’s Website.

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